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A/V Club

Media Arts workshops and creative sharing meetups for ALL

Every Third Wednesday

Share your Creativity

This workshop series will focus on the adult "media arts" community in the Western Montana region. We will be reaching out to our regular contributors to provide workshops from 5 until 8 PM on the third Wednesday of each month (so as to best fill the voids in the Missoula Arts Calendar) in The Missoula Community Media Resource's Production Room in The Missoula Public Library. This featured Artist workshop series is a continuation of the collaborations amongst the non-profit organizations and the creative community that were started this past Fall of 2023.

Workshops will follow the general schedule; lecture and instruction for the first hour, work/play time for the second, and an open to the public "Art/Tech Meetup" for all to share their creativity in a supportive forum in the final hour.


List of instructors and topics will be posted here shortly!

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