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FreeSessions May 31 Curation: Jay Bruns

Resonance. Rhythm. Repetition.

Textures. Environments. Observation.

"I’ve been creatively exploring multi-channel audio, directional sound, live sampling, field recording, granular sampling & synthesis, generative MIDI and delay-driven percussive textures. I plan on bringing these ideas to FreeSessions, Friday May 31.

Various textures will be explored through sound, visual art, and physical experience. Setup will be in the center of the room, with speakers surrounding myself and the audience. Video synthesis and sound will be simultaneously driven by generative MIDI, both by Conway’s Game of Life and bio feedback from changes in electrical currents through plants.

I will be using JBL speakers paired with modern Class D amps for sound reinforcement, along with parametric handheld speakers for selective ultrasonic panning.

Audience members are encouraged to interact, observe, bring prompts, and explore new areas of expression."

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