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Missoula Uncovered: The Unusual History Behind Missoula's Carousel

Photo Credits: A Carousel for Missoula

In this week’s episode of Missoula Uncovered, KFGM’s own Jon Van Dyke talks to Jeff Overturf. Overturf is a KFGM volunteer radio presenter and hosts his show ‘Wake up Kids’ on Monday-Friday mornings as well as ‘Saturday Night Fish Fry.’ But what listeners may not know is that during the day, Overturf can be found operating Missoula’s beloved carousel. 

Overturf shares some deep history and fun facts about the carousel, including how it was funded by local schools, who each designed their own horse. We also learn a little bit about some of the horses who have names like Moonlight, Sir Franklin, Avalon, and Merriweather. 

The carousel is free to ride a few days of the year including Christmas and New Year’s day. It’s a fixture of Missoula’s downtown landscape and Overturf is passionate about its story and the service it provides to people of all ages.

“The whole idea is for this to be accessible to anybody and everybody,” Overturf said.

Big thanks to Overturf and Van Dyke for sharing their conversation about Missoula’s carousel on the radio!

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