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Who are The Foilies?

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

The Foilies are Missoula’s resident party-punk band.

They are Knuckle-dragging-fist-pumping-garage-punk straight from the DIY scene of Montana.

Motörhead meets Zeke with a tongue-in-cheek joke in every lyric.

For years they have been building a reputation among Missoula’s rock fans and have so far released one EP and one full length album which was recorded by Chris Beaumann and mixed by the legendary Jack Endino of Seattle, who also worked with bands like Nirvana, Mudhoney, and Soundgarden.

The weekend before Halloween, The Foilies played to a large audience in Missoula’s Flavortown house venue. They filmed parts of the show to use for an upcoming music video to their original song, “Hamm’s Hangover”.

I sat down with Phil Lear, The Foilies guitarist and vocalist after the show to get some insights on the event and the band.

AM: Do you consider yourself the lead vocalist of Foilies?

PL: Yeah, totally.

AM: How do the other guys feel about that?

PL: I think they’d probably agree. I sing more than they do.

AM: So, who’s idea was the video?

PL: Mine.

(both laugh)

PL: Well, we kind of all agreed that we wanted to do something soon, but it was just, you know, just getting the ball rolling on that I guess.

AM: How’d you choose the song?

PL: We've been talking about making that one video for a long time because we just you know, it's got the most content, I guess. I don't know. Our buddy, Tony Hurtz wrote

it. But yeah, just we felt like it would make the funniest music video. Tony and his brother skateboard a lot. So, we’ll put some of that in there too.

AM: Have you seen footage of the video yet?

PL: I haven’t, no.

AM: Well, I saw a lot of Hamm’s there so…


AM: I consider you guys like, one of the biggest bands from Missoula right now. So, you know, what's coming next for you guys?

PL: We’re gonna be hitting the road here, next week. We’re going down to Pueblo and back up here. Colorado should be fun. We're just playing a couple of dates there. And then there's a rumor about hopping back in the studio here to do maybe a seven inch or something. So, keep your eyes peeled for that one.

AM: When’s the next local show?

PL: Nothing booked quite yet, but I imagined that when we go into record, we'll probably play around town, but there's no official date yet.

Thank you to Phil Lear and The Foilies and the local punks who made the show such a blast. Watch your local message boards for future Foilies flyers, or check in at Ear Candy Records on Higgins for all the local music news.

This has been Asa Thomas Metcalfe for KFGM Community Radio in Missoula, Montana.

photo credit -Dónal Cían Lakatua

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