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Our Mission Statement

Missoula Community Radio creates a medium for all community members to enrich and engage their community directly and freely by producing educational, socially just, culturally aware, and entertaining radio programming.

Among our desired outcomes are the enrichment of civic and cultural life for all community members, strengthened bonds between disparate community groups, and the formation of new ties within our shared home. We believe that community radio has a transformative influence on both the broadcaster and the listener.


By making this technology accessible to everyone, we can empower Missoulians to create radio content that is representative of the diverse population and perspectives of our beautiful city. Freely sharing and discussing our opinions, ideas stories, traditions, and knowledge are critically important steps in preserving and protecting our unique cultural heritage and perspectives for generations to come.

Missoula Community Radio is committed to advancing issues that allow our community to flourish. As a 501(c)(3)-designated non-profit organization, and operating with staff who are equally committed to this aim, this station is positioned to fulfill a cornerstone role in promoting the vital cultural and civic energy of Missoula.


The call letters assigned by the FCC to our broadcast at 101.5FM are KFGM – “For the Good of Missoula”

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