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Industrial Arts Montana Projects

As part of our ongoing efforts to empower creative expression; we partner with Missoula Artists, State Funders, and Local Businesses to offer unique workshops, on a sliding donation scale, we then document for the airwaves. Hope to see you at the next workshop!


Fall 2023
A/V Club: Art of the VJ

Adult learners were invited to engage in two workshop series of four classes each to learn the Art of live performance video manipulation also known as Vee-Jay work. Tools purchased for this workshop will be made available for rent through MCAT in 2024.

Spring 2023
7th Grade Spark Arts Experience: Iron Pour

The entire seventh grade of Missoula was able to witness Artists from all over the country come together at Freecycles to create sculpture from cast iron, live!

Fall 2022
Backyard Metal Casting

Students had an opportunity to learn to cast small metal sculpture and jewelry at The Missoula Public Library Makerspace with Artist and Executive Director Jesse Blumenthal.

Spring 2022

Noise toys

Over the course of three Saturday sessions at The Missoula Public Library; participants explored the history of sound in Art, the principles of piezoelectricity, and created their own sound sculpture for a group performance.

Click the image for a video.


Fall 2021

Tricycle Forge:
Turn a New Leaf

Participants engage in "serendipitous" blacksmith lessons from the back of a custom built tricycle. Blank leaf shapes of mild steel are transformed into small sculptures the participants take with them.

Click the image for a video.

Fall 2020

Sonic landscapes

Participants explore the sonic qualities of found objects manipulated with an array of tooling supplied by Missoula Urban Demonstration Project. 

Click the image for a video.

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