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Infusion: A full-bodied comedic take on this world and the next

Heidi J is at it again! After a successful film premiere at the Roxy a few weeks ago, you have the opportunity to see Heidi and company LIVE, for an evening of cathartic comedy and creative storytelling. You can catch the show on June 29, at 7:30pm. According to Heidi:

"This is an aspirationally decolonial comedy show! This is not just standup - we’re dreaming new worlds - vulnerable, truthful, bold new ways of being by bringing physicality, props, and other art forms to the stage. We want this spotlight to create more room for interdependence, equity, empathy, and connection among our performers and our audience."

"We are excited to present a lineup of local performers with a wide range of talents - including Heidi J., Casey Chapman, Charlotte Macorn, Michael Beers, Duane Raider, Stephen Millhouse, Freya Halland, Thomas McClure, and James Johnson. We cover a wide range of ages and backgrounds, and we’re collaborating and encouraging a decentralized decision-making and feedback process for crafting our performances."

In other words, the line-up is fire and they're going to get real with you - while making you laugh. The artists are also trying to be as inclusive as they possibly can be, by offering a sliding-scale ticketing process. The group had this to say about their motives for the different ticket prices:

"Please consider your level of monetary privilege when purchasing tickets to support the work of the artists, as we currently DO NOT live in an equitable system. We are offering a lower ticket price for low-income folks and fellow artists. To support this, we humbly request that you pay a higher amount if you have the means. Thank you for your consideration and generosity!"

If you'd like to go to this unique performance, you can hit up The Roxy Theater for tickets!

If you want to learn more about Heidi's ongoing project, you can visit:

You can also listen to the original music of the Free System-Sistema Libre Project at:

Infusion: A full-bodied comedic take on this world and the next - featuring fermented fancies from interdependent voices infused with truth, power and laughter.

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